Corine van Kapel - My love for photography

My love for photography started 30 years ago when I won a Praktica B200, a DSLR from the analog era. But in 2007 when my dad, who unfortunately passed away in 2019, gave me a digital Nikon D70, photography really became my passion. Especially during a visit to the beautiful landscape of the Lake District in the north-west of England a year later, my love for photography was sealed. The name Catstye Cam, after the mountain that is 10th in height of the 214 tops in this area, originates from here. My love for cats and for the camera give the name Catstye Cam an extra personal dimension.

But I do not only photograph during my travels. Also closer to home, in particular in the south-west of the Netherlands and the Rotterdam harbor, I like to go out and photograph. And sometimes I retreat to the little studio at my house for the fine work with light. Although I have a preference for landscapes, other subjects also have my interest, as you can see in my portfolio.  And in meantime the Nikon D850 has become my best friend.