Sunset at Monument Valley

In the summer of 2016 I made a wonderful roadtrip through the south-west of the USA. One of the highlights was a visit to Monument Valley. I stayed a few nights, so I had enough time to see everything properly, to make a real hike and of course to photograph the sunset. sunset at monument valleyI drove the scenic route in the early morning, just after sunrise. A good moment, because at that time it is still quiet in the park, ahead of the loads of tourists and the worst heat. Later during the day I made a hike through the barren and desolate landscape, still in the burning sunlight, without seeing any other person. And at sunset of course I wanted to see the famous ‘View’ with my own eyes.Than it becomes clear that Monument Valley is a crowded place after all. Every day the first photographers start to settle themselves at the viewpoint hours before sunset, and as the sun is slowly lowering in the sky more and more people gather there. I joined them to photograph one of the most famous views in the world myself.